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Heli tour for couples from Bucharest to Bran and Peles Castles

heli tour for couples bran peles

Have fun on an unforgettable experience – a Heli tour for couples over Bran and Peles! Bring the special person in your life on an amazing tour. Discover breathtaking views as you fly over Prahova Valley on the way to Peles Palace. After admiring the castle from above, land in Sinaia and visit the former Royal residence in a guided tour.

Return to the landing place and take off for the next destination, Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle. Overfly this amazing highlight and snap great photos from your bird’s eye view. You will then have the privilege of landing on the castle’s domain. Enjoy a private tour of the castle, accompanied by an experienced guide.


Exact location, directions and meeting place will be available to you once you have purchased your voucher(s). This information is listed on Activity Pass- the document which confirms your booking. You must book and complete your activity prior to voucher’s expiry date.

Please have in mind that this activity depends on the weather conditions and on obtaining all the approvals necessary for the flight. The commanding pilot has the responsibility to ensure maximum safety conditions during the flight; therefore he has the absolute authority to decide the interruption or postponing the mission at any time. We recommend you to book your activity in advance so that we will be able to reschedule if necessary.


Find out more information about the Heli Tour for Couples from Bucharest to Bran and Peles Castles below.

Venues: Bucharest, Ploiesti (the airfield is situated at about 15km from the center of Ploiesti city)

Voucher valid for: 12 months

How long this activity takes:  Approximately 6 hours (which include two hour-visits at each castle)

Minimum number of people required: 1

Weather: we can’t control the weather; this activity depends on weather conditions

Spectators and family: unfortunately, you can’t bring any spectators to this activity

More Info:

  • Your transfer to the heliport is not include
  • The price includes private escorted visits at the Bran and Peles castles and your transfers  by car to Sinaia and Bran (if the area of the castle’s property we usually use for landings is not available at the time because of festivals that are occasionally organized there)
  • This activity involves renting a helicopter for a flight. Please have in mind that the prices may be altered depending on the date you want to complete your activity
  • Please have in mind that, during winter, we not only have weather restrictions but also some airfields may be closed entirely. In this case, we will do our best to schedule your experience at a different venue.

Take off from an airfield in Bucharest. Enjoy a helicopter flight to Peles Castle. Overfly the castle and then land in Sinaia. Car transfer from Sinaia to Peles Castle, followed by a guided tour of the castle.

Return to Sinaia, take off and head for Bran Castle. Overfly the famous Dracula's Castle. Land on the property's domain and then enjoy a private tour in the company of an experienced guide. After that, return to the airfield.

  • Helicopter flight to Sinaia
  • Overfly Peles Castle and land in Sinaia
  • Car transfer from Sinaia to Peles Castle
  • Guided tour of Peles Castle
  • Helicopter flight to Bran
  • Guided tour of Bran Castle
  • Helicopter flight back to the airfield
  • Your transfer to the airfield is not included
  1. :

    I start by thanking you for what you do.
    Visiting the castles, transferring by helicopter and private guidance made this activity unforgettable.
    The flight was smooth, the landscape indescribable.
    Thank you!

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