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Thermal Flight in Bucharest

thermal flight in bucharest

Choose a unique experience – Thermal flight in Bucharest. This kind of flight is performed with a glider and it makes use of thermal columns. You and our experience pilot board the double commanded glider. An airplane will tow the glider to the right height and then your aircraft detaches itself. Using a thermal column, which is a term for hot air ascending from the ground in invisible swirling – just like a tornado, but much less powerful – you will ascend in spirals until you reach the clouds.

Make sure you book this activity in advance because thermal flight in Bucharest requires very specific weather conditions.


Exact location, directions and meeting place will be available to you once you have purchased your voucher(s). This information is listed on Activity Pass- the document which confirms your booking. You must book and complete your activity prior to voucher’s expiry date.

Please have in mind that this activity depends on the weather conditions and on obtaining all the approvals necessary for the flight. The commanding pilot has the responsibility to ensure maximum safety conditions during the flight; therefore he has the absolute authority to decide the interruption or postponing the mission at any time.

We recommend you to book your activity in advance so that we will be able to reschedule if necessary.


Venue: Bucharest, (the airfield is about 16 km far from downtown Bucharest)

Voucher valid for: 12 months

How long this activity takes: 20-30 minutes

Minimum number of people required: 1

Minimum age required: 16 years old (minors need parental approval)

Maximum age required: does not apply

Weather: we can’t control the weather; this activity depends on weather conditions

Spectators and Family: are welcome to watch you

More Info:

  • There is a weight limit of at least 55 kg and maximum 100 kilograms/person
  • There is a height limit of maximum 1.92 m ( 6.3 ft)
  • This activity is not recommended for pregnant women or people suffering from epilepsy or from any heart conditions
  • Your transfer to the location is not included
  • You will have to sign a statutory declaration through which you agree to participate in this activity as a passenger and to take the risks this comes with and renounce any juridical pretentions you might have once the flight concludes

20-30 minutes Glider flight in Bucharest. Arrive at the airfield and get ready for take-off!

  • 20-30 minutes glider flight
  • Your transfer to the location is not included
  1. :

    I arrived at the airfield where I was greeted by a kind, young gentleman who turned out to be the pilot.
    His dedication and his way of talking to me about the flight made all my fears go away.
    I mention that I have a fear of flying (I had)!
    The flight was indescribable, it gave me the feeling of complete freedom!
    Congratulations on the originality,

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