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Awarded Dracula Tours, sightseeing tours in beautiful landscapes, hearty meals in a Dracula themed saloon decorated with impaled tartars (the ambience makes the food taste better) and short breaks with Halloween parties that do not kill your budget. As a bonus, visit a Transylvanian vampire castle said to have inspired the Dracula story.

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Online booking is the easiest way to purchase awarded Dracula tours or short breaks to Transylvania Romania! Bran castle Halloween party,...

Reviews from Dracula tour goers

Really enjoyed the Sighisoara party over the Bran castle party on which we participated last year.
Great guide, fun trip, great food!
Sighisoara hotel was great, but the one at Bran castle was very dated and in need of updates.
Overall would give it a 5 rating from 5 possible, loved our trip!

Catherine Dekko

Best Halloween I’ve ever had During the Halloween tour we had 3 different parties in 3 different locations across Transylvania. I highly recommend this tour if you want to learn more about Dracula. Best Halloween ever, and I think the people that I met made it even greater!

Graca Victoria – Halloween in Transylvania 7 day-review

I honestly could not have imagined how amazing studying Dracula in Romania would be. Of course, I knew a lot about the literary Dracula and I loved being immersed in the world of the novel. But I had no idea how much I would enjoy the history behind Vlad the Impaler. That was really fascinating for me. I loved going to all the different cities and being immersed in the culture, and it definitely made me much more interested in and open to the information and the stories Stefan was telling us. My favorite part was eating in the house where Dracula was born and Stefan telling us the stories of Vlad the Impaler’s deeds in that room. We did so much in so short a time, and I loved it. Also, Stefan was absolutely amazing and we all adored him. He really made the trip more than we could have ever asked for and he went above and beyond for us at every turn. We’re really thankful to both of you for making this experience so fantastic.

Nicole Herviou -Dracula study tour

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